Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kick Sugar Challenge (After Totally Failing a Previous Challenge)

July 4th, I ate an alarming, embarrassing amount of sugar. How much, you wonder? Four frosted sugar cookies with pop rocks on top, three frosted cupcakes with sprinkles, and three  pieces of candy (one chocolate kiss and two gum balls). Gah! That's so so so much sugar.

I felt it the next day. Like all that sugar took my immune system, shoved it under the rug, and stomped all over it.

My excuse was that it was the 4th of July. We hosted a small family party. I made a streamer wall for a talent show, so OF COURSE I SHOULD EAT ALL THAT SUGAR. Um, no.

We just celebrated freedom, but we're not all that smart if we use our freedom to make bad choices and then hope there are no consequences. Sure, we can do/eat whatever we want, but that doesn't mean we should. 1 Corinthians 10:23 says, "You say, 'I am allowed to do anything,' but not everything is beneficial." I want to use my freedom for benefit. I have the freedom to nourish my body. Not everyone in the world can say the same.

The only freedom I don't currently have is the time to bake healthy eating, refined sugar-free goodies. With a baby, and while caring for my post surgery husband, keeping up on the house, writing during nap time, and talking care of myself so I don't go insane, it's not realistic for me to think I can bake. It's a miracle I have the time to make the three basic meals. So to help me make my goal this time, I'm making a list of simple, almost-no-work, clean eating snacks:

-Frozen grapes
-Fried (in coconut oil) fruit
-Sweet potatoe chips
-Quinoa chips
-Homemade popsicle  (frozen fruit and coconut water, blended)

I also need to figure out where my husband, Gary, and I went wrong last time in our challenge.. We weren't specific enough. Just like with any other goal, a healthy eating goal needs to be specific. We said we would make exceptions for special occasions since we had birthdays and family and friends visiting in June. The problem with that exception is that it wasn't specific enough, so we made everything into a "special occasion."

"We cleaned the entire apartment? Special occasion! You know what that means? DONUTS." 

The total failure meant no celebratory date. After a lesson learned there, and my 4th of July binge, I'm ready to start a fresh month with another challenge. Things are going to be different this time. I'm going to set myself up better, especially because Gary isn't joining me this time, so his indulgences will be my temptations. (He's off work, recovering from surgery, so it probably feels like a little vacation. I don't blame him.)

The Challenge:

Live a refined sugar-free lifestyle for the rest of July because I have the freedom to nourish my body instead of harming it. (I'd go totally clean eating again, but with what little time I have, that's not realistic. I'd starve or give in.) My only exceptions are the family vacation the last weekend of July and two exceptions of my choice. (The exception includes one treat, not one day of treats.) If I crave snacks, I'll stick to my list of easy, clean eating snacks. I don't have to put a penalty in place if I fail--a tanked immune system is proof that I can't get away with eating whatever I want. Rewards are more fun than penalties anyway. If I succeed up to the family vacation, I get to take Baby Cakes thrift shopping and buy us both something to wear on vacation.

Did you indulge a little too much over the holiday weekend? Who's ready to embrace freedom the right way by making healthy choices? What are your healthy goals right now? How will you reward yourself? 

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