Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pitch Wars Pimp My Bio

Hello fellow Pitch Wars Mentee Hopefuls and beloved Pitch Wars Mentors!

(Did you stumble upon this post and you don't know what I'm talking about? Read about Pitch Wars here.)

I'm Jessie. This is me with my husband and sweetheart since middle/highschool, and our adorable son.

Before I introduce you to everything I love, let's get down to business.

I write YA. The novel I'm subbing to Pitch Wars is a YA CF called CAPTURE ME HEROIC. This is the book of my heart. I will fight for this book until the day I die. Whether or not I get picked for Pitch Wars, I have an open mind about revisions, I can take criticism, and I'll work my butt off to make this book the very best it can be. 

Okay, that's the end of business time. Now...

I love Tina, but of all the Bob's Burger's characters, I'm Linda. 

Mostly, I have her appetite, I make up little songs (I've made up 5 or so songs for my baby boy!), and I'm an enthusiastic dork about family things. Also, my husband is Bob, hands down. Our relationship is their relationship. I'm pretty sure this show is about us, but I'm not sure which character our son is yet. We'll have to see when he's a little older. 

Speaking of our son, he's six months old (I'm rounding a little). His name is Maverick. 

Not named after him.

Or him. 

In case you were wondering like everyone ever. 

Being Mav's momma is my favorite thing in the world. It's what I've wanted more than anything all my life. I'm a crunchy, breastfeeding, SAHM. We go for hikes together with our local Hike it, Baby group. We read, play hard, and have milky snuggles.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I'm almost done training to be a breastfeeding advocate with Nationwide Nurse-In. (EDIT: I'm done with training and officially an advocate!) 

What else gets me fired up? A little friendly competition in the form of...games! I love games. I started a Yu-Gi-Oh league that includes me and my siblings. I currently hold our gold Blue Eyes White Dragon trophy, thank you very much. 

I'm proud to say I belong to Team Instinct on Pokemon Go. 

I enjoy games so much, in the youth group I help lead, my unofficial title is Gamemaker. Well, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who refers to me as that, but, I mean, they always put me in charge of games. (My best event was a Hunger Games night! Disclaimer: No teens were harmed in the making of this event.) 

Board games are my stuff. I love family board game nights. (My family are my favorite people to hang out with.) My favorites are Balderdash, Imagin-If, Clue, and Ticket to Ride.   

You know what else is fun about game nights? I usually host them. Hosting is another thing I love! I fancy myself the apron-clad homemaker who makes themed food and decorations. There are two parties of my dreams I'm still dying to host, which are:

-Semi-formal spring tea party. 

-Murder mystery party 

Pretty much any occasion where I get to dress up is a good occasion. (Helloooo, Halloween.) The more out-of-the-ordinary, the better. This is a huge reason I love Ren Faire so much. Nerds unite.

Sometime before I die, I need to go to a Supernatural Con of some kind, so I can LARP as a hunter because how awesome would that be?

Supernatural is my all time favorite show. Best fandom ever.

Too many Supernatural gifs? OF COURSE NOT. Am I right? I'm right.

Other shows I like:
-Grey's Anatomy
-The Office
-Breaking Bad
-Pretty Little Liars
-Downton Abbey
-The Flash
-Master Chef
-Bob's Burgers
-Gilmore Girls

I could on, but this list is already mad long.

I have a lot of favorite authors, but a few are:
-Jessica Khoury
-Suzanne Collins
-Veronica Roth (saw her and cried when she entered the room)
-D.J. MacHale
-James Dashner
-J.K. Rowling
-Sarah Dessen

And I'm sure I'll be up late thinking of more names I should have added.

Other quick, random facts about me:
-I'm an introvert, but I also enjoy being involved in community.
-My Meyer-Briggs personality type is INFP, The Mediator.
-The only language I'm fluent in, other than English, is Gif.
-I don't wear makeup.
-My superpower is thriftiness. 98% of my clothes are from thrift stores.
-I blog at YAtopia, Period Fairy, and Her Arms Are Strong (all blogspot).
-While making this post, I ripped my favorite skirt. I don't even know how. Please mourn with me.

I'm so happy you came to my bio and stayed the whole time!

If you have a bio, I'd love to see yours. Leave your link in the comments!

Happy Pitch Wars!

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