When Your Baby Takes You Away from Christmas Fun

This is my first Christmas with M (post birth), and as much as I expect this will be the best Christmas of my life so far, I also know there will be moments when my baby "takes me away from the fun." He still naps often through the day, and only in my arms, which means the two of us will be sitting in our quiet bedroom listening to all the fun go on without us. (We've been there before, just with a different occasion. There's a feeling of loneliness here.) And chances are, M will need a nap right in the middle of some fun tradition or my favorite board game. If this is us, I bet it could be you too.

There's something we mommas should remember in these moments.

A baby's basic needs don't change just because it's Christmas.

In fact, he will probably be clingier and needier than usual. There are more people than usual, and every one of them wants to hold the little cutie. Loud noises, new smells, so much activity. That can all get pretty overwhelming for a lot of adults, so how much more stressed out are our littles? The need for extra cuddles, comfort, and rest will be there along with usual hunger and wet diapers.

It's an honor to be the one person my baby needs to feel safe and comfortable. He grows so fast, and it won't always be like this. One day, he'll even find comfort in--gasp--another woman. So instead of surrendering to feelings of loneliness and like I'm missing out on the fun, I'm going to slow down--really slow down--with my kid. In his Christmas day, he needs rest. And I am his rest. So I'll hold him tight, tickles his toes, and soak up his milky smiles. Because while everyone else is carrying on with merry celebrations, we'll make quiet Christmas memories, just us. And these memories will mean the absolute world to me one day.

Merry Christmas, mommas! Enjoy your quiet Christmas moments.

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Jeannette Brya said…
Is it bad that my level of loneliness during nap time depends on which relatives we're with? My family -- it is really hard to go into another room for naps. My in-laws -- I look forward to nap time for a break! I have wonderful in-laws too, but it's not the same as my own family. Merry Christmas and happy snuggling to you and M.
Jessie Mullins said…
I think most of the world can probably relate to that! Haha. I feel the same way. I have wonderful in-laws too, but there isn't the same level of comfort as with my own family, so my introvert self would welcome a break too.

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