The Health Lie that Prevents Us from Getting Better

I recently developed a food allergy. I've never had a food allergy before in my life, so when I ate my first watermelon of the season a couple weeks ago, I had no idea what the deal was. I didn't suspect the watermelon at all. Later that week, I ate watermelon again. This time, my reaction was much worse because I had also taken ibuprophen and had an alcoholic drink. Drinks and ibuphrophen are both rare for me, but it was my mom's fiftieth birthday party and I didn't want to take the time to get rid of my headache naturally. Little did I know that I was about to have an allergic reaction to the watermelon again or that NSAIDs and alcohol both magnify allergic reactions. I spent the next week with my whole body covered in an itchy rash.

I googled "What causes adult-onset food allergies?" I read post after post, and every mainstream source said the same thing. No one knows. It's just something that happens. It's totally normal.

Totally normal?  

No. Developing an allergy out of nowhere and getting a rash over your entire body is not normal. It may be common, but common does not equal normal. Normal is the way our bodies function without anything going wrong. When our bodies dysfunction or become sick, a red flag should go up. A big, bright red flag that says, "Something is wrong! You need to change something you're doing to fix this problem!"

But instead of that red flag, we get smoke and mirrors that say, "This is normal. If you're uncomfortable, here's something to alleviate your symptoms. Come back for something else when you need help with those totally normal side effects too." If we don't address the root of our health problems, we get a never-ending parade of sick people covered in failing bandaids.

We're fed a lie called "normal."

Adult-onset food allergies are "normal."

Screaming and febrile seizures after childhood vaccines are "normal."

The sudden rise in Autism rates is "normal."

Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are "normal."

Health deteriorates, people get sick, side effects occur, and all of this is "normal."

No. These things are all common. But not normal. A healthy body and mind is normal. We need to stop settling for the lie, stop settling for bandaids, and dig deeper to find the root cause of our health problems so we can get healthy.

Since the mainstream sources Google had taken me to were a letdown, I took my question to knowledgeable natural-minded people in a Facebook group. (I can hear all of the eyes rolling since I asked the internet and not a doctor. That's okay. Roll on.) Here, I got some great answers that actually addressed root causes! Score.

Here's what people said:
-calcium deficiencies
-and leaky gut

I'm not stupid. I won't just take the word of some strangers on the internet. But like 90% of the people said leaky gut, and something in my mind clicked because I had read about leaky gut before. So I spent the next few days reading article after article on leaky gut, and it quickly became obvious that this was my problem. It starts out as digestive issues. Check. Been dealing with that for a while. Then food sensitivities and allergies. Check. Next up is immune issues and, finally, autoimmune disease. It's also no surprise I have leaky gut since three of the many factors are sugar and GMO consumption and stress. Since becoming Momma to an extremely attached kiddo, I've been in survival mode. Up until now, survival mode meant eating whatever easy thing I could get my hands on.

But now I want more than survival. Better than survival. I want to thrive in health, which means not accepting digestive issues and food allergies as normal. I have leaky gut. Common, but not normal. Now that I know, I can heal my gut with the GAPS diet. I've only been doing this for a couple weeks, but I already feel much better! Good health is my normal, and I'll accept nothing less.

I'll be sharing more about healing my gut with the GAPS diet. Make sure you follow me on Facebook so you don't miss a post! I also share stuff about crunchy momming with faith, gentleness, and boobs.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

More about leaky gut and GAPS from people who know way more than I do:

4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease, by Dr. Josh Axe

GAPS Diet Plan and Protocol, by Dr. Josh Axe

GAPS Diet and Breastfeeding, from Health, Home, and Happiness

Tons of leaky gut info from Green Med Info


I agree that our gut health can impact so many other parts of our body. I'm curious to see how the GAPS diet works for you. I've never tried but can imagine that in rebalancing your gut's ecosystem, you'll certainly see other changes in your health. Good luck on your journey!
Jessie Mullins said…
Yes, for sure! Thank you. :)
I'm sorry this happened to you. Yes something being common doesn't make it normal. I hope your journey leads you to the answers you seek!
April Kitchens said…
I get tired of hearing things that may be common being labeled as normal. Definitely interested in reading about healing your gut.
Jessie Mullins said…
Thank you! I'll keep the blog and FB page updated. :)
You hear so much about gut health now. I had never heard about it until a few years ago.

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