10 Things that Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Jessica at A Modern Mom's Life to write about 10 Things That Make Me Happy. You can read Jessica's post here. She has a wonderful blog for working parents, so be sure to check her out.

And now I'm so happy to present my list in random order...

1. Breastfeeding

I absolutely love breastfeeding. I definitely don't downplay what a challenge breastfeeding is to a lot of moms. But breastfeeding isn't always hard. It hasn't been for us. It came naturally to M and me, and our breastfeeding journey has been full of sweet cuddly moments I'll cherish forever. It also made/makes me happy to give him the best nutrients, not spend money on formula, and meet his needs for food and comfort instantly. Plus I don't have to prepare bottles during night feedings. Easier feedings make me very happy. Haha. Even now as a toddler, breastfeeding is meeting his nutritional and emotional needs.

2. Kisses

Now and then, M showers me with kisses (and usually raspberries too). It's totally unprompted, so I feel all the love! Whenever he does this, it's the highlight of my day. I'm one happy, blessed lady to be Momma to this little man.

3. Costumes

If there's ever an occasion to dress up, especially in costume, I'm there! Halloween, Renaissance festivals, murder mystery parties, themed parties, etc. Costumes are my jam. I most recently dressed up M and myself as The Hulk and Black Widow for a Disney/Avenger themed play day at a children's museum.

4. Dates

I have so much fun dating my husband! We went on our first post-baby date I think fourteen months after M was born and have had one more since then. We're itching for another! Our favorite dates are going to the movies, eating out, and mini golf. I seriously love the one-on-one time to just be us again. A goofy, in-love couple of best friends.

5. Family

Family is huge to me! Our little family of three and the family I grew up with. We're tight and fun and real and always make it a priority to spend time together. I especially treasure our game nights, even if a game of Scattegories ends in a yelling match of, "A HOT DOG IS NOT A SANDWICH!"

6. Healthy, natural living

I get so freaking excited about healthy desserts that taste awesome and don't make me feel sick. Natural, organic products. Natural immunity and remedies. All the natural, crunchy things! God gave us amazing bodies and stuff on our planet to help our bodies flourish.

7. Writing

Pretty much my only me-time is during M's nap, and a lot of that time, I spend working on my blog or writing young adult novels. I'm not published yet, but I'm learning and improving, and my love for the blogs and books pushes me even on the days when my dreams of being a published author look distant.

8. Thrift shopping

Thriftiness is one of my super powers. 95% of my wardrobe is from thrift shops. It's like searching for treasure, and I always find something I love. Plus, helloooo, I'm saving SO MUCH money.

9. Nature walks

M loves being in nature too, so this is our favorite thing to do outside. Sun and earth and critters. Ahh. So peaceful. Much to explore. And nature trails are always more quiet than playgrounds, so its perfect for our introverted selves. I also love hitting trails with friends and Hike it Baby, my favorite mom and baby group.

10. Worship

Connecting with my Father during worship makes me so happy, so full of joy because it centers my heart and mind in that solid, joyful, peaceful place that is full of love and grace. My anxieties melt away. I'm a better wife and mom when I start the day with worship. God is so worthy. He's tangible during these times of connection.

Now I'm excited to tag ten other bloggers to share their lists! I've chosen bloggers I enjoy with similar niches as my blog so you can find more blogs I'm sure you'll love too.

1. Caroline from Bespoke Parents; Unique Kids

(Facebook page)

I chose Caroline's blog because she's a gentle parenting Christian who writes about breastfeeding, childism, and other goodies. Sound familiar?

2. Think Love Healthy

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Evidence-based posts about holistic health and vaccines from a toxicologist and activist.

3. Living Learning Loving Our Way

A Facebook page about unschooling and respecting kids. I'm absolutely fascinated with unschooling and love the philosophy of trusting kids to learn through life naturally.

4. Dominique from Your Parenting Breakthrough

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Dominique was all about attachment parenting and healthy, natural lifestyle, and then she realized something crucial was missing: spirituality. Her blog is about how her relationship with God has changed her parenting.

5. Nicolle from Tales of a Messy Mom

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Nicolle writes about natural living. There are lots of good breastfeeding posts! Plus I'm a messy mom too, so I like that she's honest about that.

6. Nikki from Healing Mama

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Faith and wellness! Nikki has natural health posts, and I love that she has a post about menstrual cups.

7. Abbey from Small Town Soul

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Abbey is a Christian momma who writes about faith and natural living. Plus money-saving tips.

8. Alexandria from Naturally Made with Love

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Alexandria is a breastfeeding, baby wearing, coconut oil-loving mom.

9. Juli from Mostly Caffeinated

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Juli is a Christian mom blogger who writes about minimalism and adopting from foster care. I don't write about these things (yet), but we plan to adopt through foster care when M is older. Check out why she and her husband chose adoption. Beautiful.

10. Betsy from Bug & Babygirl

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Betsy has so many great posts about trusting her adorable littles to learn and grow without interference. Great respectful parenting blog.

Bloggers, if you were tagged, write about ten things that make you happy and tag ten other bloggers to do the same! (Tag me too, please! I don't want to miss your posts.)

Readers, thank you so much for stopping by! Please check out these other blogs and then let me know what makes YOU happy.


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I love your ten things and it turns out we have a lot in common!
Jessie Mullins said…
Awesome! It's always nice finding like-minded mommies.
Jasmine A said…
So many good things I love many of these too!
Melanie Walsh said…
Such a great list. It's nice to see it all written out on the days when you're not feeling it. To be able to see what truly makes you happy is a great reminder.
Jessie Mullins said…
So true! Good idea.
Audge Podge said…
Sounds like we would get along great
Jessie Mullins said…
Well then it's nice to "meet" you!

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