Wednesday, December 20, 2017

30-Day Fun Mom Challenge

Every mom and her relationship with her children could benefit if Mom, well, loosens up a bit. Right? I mean, it's so easy to get caught up in maintaining the home, getting our kids to activities on time, making sure we teach them to be kind humans, etc. All good stuff, don't get me wrong. But we can lose the fun side of ourselves when we focus too much on our to-dos.

I want to start 2018 with a month full of FUN, and you're invited to join us! Let's start the new year making memories our kids will look back on when they later think of their childhood. Let's be the fun moms. Find joy in motherhood and carry that joy with us the rest of the year. 

Are you in?

I've made a list of 31 fun activities to do with your kiddos--one for each day of the month. If you want to follow along with other moms, we'll be sharing our fun pictures and videos in daily threads in the closed Her Arms Are Strong Facebook group. If online mommy communities aren't your thing, you can share your pictures and view other moms' pictures with the hashtag #HerArmsAreStrongFunMomChallenge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let's inspire each other with our fun!

You can follow the list as I have it, jump around, or skip days. The point is to have fun, so if any of these aren't your thing, that's okay. You can even add your own. This list is more of a guideline. Some are pretty specific while other days will give you lots of room for creativity. If you need to brainstorm ways to incorporate these fun mom ideas or tweak them for your child's age, we'll be brainstorming together in the FB group.

The only rule is TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KIDS.

We'll be starting as a community on January 1, 2018, but I'm sharing the list early so you have time to prepare and share with your friends. And please do share! The more, the merrier. Every mom needs a little more joy in her life.

Are you ready to reign in the new year with lots of laughs and special memories with your kids? I'm just assuming you shouted, "YES!!" while jumping up and down. Ha. Let's do this!

1. Make a goofy video you can look back on for years to come.
2. Let your child do your hair.
3. Go on an outdoor child-led adventure.
4. Spontaneous dance party!
5. Ask your child to plan dinner, shop for the ingredients together, and cook it together--WHATEVER they plan.
6. Family game night. (Do you have young toddlers? Here's a way include toddlers family games.)
7. Build a fort.
8. Go somewhere fun. 
9. Make a mess.
10. Have your child pick your outfit, and then go out in it.
11. Leave a small gift on their bed to wake up to.
12. Family movie night with your kiddo's favorite snacks.
13. Lazy pajama day.
14. Try something that's new to the whole family. New food, new park, etc.
15. Make a colorful snowman.
16. Collect nature materials
and make figurines.
17. Dessert for breakfast.
18. Video chat with a family member or friend.
19. Leave a clue.
20. What's your child's favorite thing? Do extra of that!
21. Family picnic! Inside or out. Invite your child's favorite toy along.
22. Take extra time before bed to read one more story, sing one more song, whisper to each other about the day, their dreams, anything.
23. Blast fun music and paint to the beat.
24. Fancy dress-up day.
25. Roughhouse. Hug monster, tickle tarantula, etc. But respect boundaries.
26. Flashlight or glow stick fun in the dark.
27. Make animals or other fun shapes with snack.
28. Take selfies together with silly filters.
29. Go to a pet store/shelter to visit the animals.
30. Give kiddo a disposable camera or your phone, go for a walk, and have them photograph things they love.
31. Which challenge brought your family the most joy? Do that one again!

I can't wait to see all your pictures! Remember to either join the Her Arms Are Strong Facebook group or use the hashtag #HerArmsAreStrongFunMomChallenge to share your family fun with a community of other moms. Have FUN and enjoy the new year!

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