Sunday, February 4, 2018

I'm Celebrating My Kid by Not Throwing Him a Birthday Party

I love planning parties. And I love birthdays. Birthdays are huge in our family, so I've always dreamed of throwing big birthday parties for my kids.

But my son, M, is turning two, and we're not throwing a birthday party. I struggled with the decision to let go of my past fantasies of what my kid's birthdays should look like. Sure, it would have been fun for me to plan the party, and I'm sure our loved ones would have liked it too, but more than that, I want M's birthday to be a celebration of him and for him. That means giving him the kind of celebration he'd actually enjoy.

M is an introverted, sensitive boy. He takes a while to warm up to people and socializing drains his energy (even after playing with his best friends, he's cranky the rest of the day). So he probably wouldn't have a good time surrounded by his family and friends all at once.

Instead, my husband and I are taking him to an aquarium! He loves seeing the fish in the grocery store, so we're giving him the gift of a fun, fishy experience with Momma and Daddy. Plus a balloon because he loves balloons!

We're going to celebrate our kiddo by honoring not only that he was born, but the way he was born. He doesn't have the personality type to enjoy big parties, and that's awesome. Because he has the personality type that makes few and strong connections with other people. He has the personality type that has a huge capacity for empathy. He watches, listens, soaks it all in before he enters the scene with his gentle spirit and vivacious curiosity. I'm so happy to let go of the classic birthday party if it means nurturing this amazing person just as he is.

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