Friday, April 6, 2018

Toddler Sensory and Mindfulness with Food

We live in such a busy go-go-go culture. Go to playdates. Go to library events. Go to mommy-and-me classes.

But isn't life more peaceful and enjoyable when we slow down and savor all the little pleasures that make up the mundane? Mindfulness is a practice of slowing down and being present in the moment. Most of us are totally disconnected from this way of life, so using our five senses alongside our toddlers makes perfect mindfulness practice.

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Pick a new fruit you want to try together, or experience a favorite fruit in a new way by engaging all five senses.

How does the strawberry look on the outside? Red with little dots. Green leaves. Is it shiny or starting to turn dark? What does the inside look like?

Smell the strawberry. Scratch the surface and smell it again. Can you get a tease of the taste this way?

When you bite into the strawberry, how does it sound? Is there a crunch, or is it more of a mush? What about as you chew?

How does the strawberry feels on your fingers? Is the outside different from the inside? When you take a bite, how does the strawberry feel on your teeth and tongue? What about when you swallow?

Chew with slow diligence. Taste the juice. Notice the way the flavor slips over your tongue and fills your mouth.

This is a simple exercise anyone can enjoy with any food. And food is great for mindfulness beginners because it's already a time when we should be sitting down and connecting. Connect with yourself and your experience, and connect with each other. When we have this connective relationship, we're more appreciative of the beautiful small things, and we're more in tune with what makes or bodies, minds, and spirits light up.

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