Monday, April 30, 2018

What Prepping My Son's Snack Reminded Me about Faith

After we got home from grocery shopping yesterday, my 2yo M wanted some of the cucumbers and hummus we'd just bought. He's a cucumbers and hummus fiend and was basically asking for it nonstop since we ran out last time. I was happy to finally give him one of his favorite snacks. But first I had to wash the cucumber.

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"Cucumber!" He got louder and more urgent. "Cucumber!"

"I'm getting you a cucumber, but I have to wash it first," I said.


(Thankfully I'm aware that it's not fair to expect him to wait patiently at this age because he hasn't developed the ability to delay gratification yet.)

As I washed the cucumber, I tried to explain and reason with him. "Trust me. You could eat this cucumber right now, or I could wash it and it would be better." (It wasn't organic this time.)

My reasoning didn't help. He whined as I cut it too, but I knew he'd be able to enjoy his snack better if the cucumber were cut into sticks to dip into the hummus. I kept thinking, "If only he could trust that I'm doing the best thing!"

But aren't we so impatient with God sometimes? We see the thing we want, and we want it right now, or we want it to fit into our neat planners and boxes. We get frustrated when things don't happen right away or like we imagined. But God promises He's working everything together for our good! Everything. Even the waiting and the crud and the waiting some more. He washing the cucumber because it'll taste better and nourish your body better. He's cutting your cucumber into little sticks because it's perfect for dipping into the hummus, and He knows how much you love hummus! Preparation takes time. Working everything together takes time. It's hard to trust when we don't understand what God is doing, but that's where faith comes in. Have faith that He's working on your snack and it'll be delicious when He's all done with it.

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