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Being Mindful about How We Label Behavior - Gentle Parenting

My toddler is amazing and   he has typical toddler behavior. One of the most frustrating for my husband and I is interruption, especially while we're trying to have a conversation or figure something out. About a week ago, we handled this interruption in a way we felt was productive and even aligned with our gentle parenting philosophy, but...then a couple days later, my toddler showed me that he perceived our words differently than we intended and had internalized a label. So I want to share to show you that: A) There's always room for us to learn and grow in our parenting journey. None of us get it right all the time. B) We need to humble ourselves. C) The way labels on behavior can become internalized as labels on the person. D) How to be conscious of the labels we're using and what we can say instead in those moments of guidance. So in that initial moment of frustration when my kiddo was interrupting, we responded with, "You're being rude. Inte

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