Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Bittersweet Mother's Day Letter

For some, Mother's Day is purely a day of celebration. For others, this day is full of grief. And for a lot of us, this day is bittersweet. This goes out to everyone on the spectrum of bitter to sweet.

To the new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day as a mom, congrats! However your baby was birthed into this world or brought to your arms, it was a major feat, and you rock! I hope you know that even though your little one can't say so yet.

To the momma whose baby is in Heaven, I acknowledge you as a mom. You're honored. Your grief matters. Your angel is remembered. I hope you find comfort today. 

To the mom whose kids are grown and gone from the nest, on the days when you miss the noise, may the good memories fill you with happiness and pride. On the days when you enjoy time for you, congrats, you deserve it.

To the woman who has the heart of a mother, but empty arms and an empty womb, a million hugs to you today. Mother's Day is going to be hard. A lot of other days are going to be hard too, but you'll get through them because you're stronger than you feel. And one day, you'll wake up and your whole world will be changed because you'll wake up a mom. Hang in there. 

To the momma whose baby still plays in her womb, happy Mother's Day! I know you're tired and feeling sick, but you're doing such a great job growing that baby, momma.

To the one who lost a mom, I'm sorry. Whether it was yesterday or twenty years ago, losing a mom is never easy. Hugs to you. May you feel her love and presence today and every day.

To the mother who messed up and feels undeserving of celebration, there's always another chance and it's never too late to apologize and ask for forgiveness. Have grace for yourself and be the mom you want to be.

To the new stepmom who's not off to a great start with the kids, the change isn't easy, but persevere. I hope you're celebrated today.

To the mom who's been promoted to Grandma, congrats because now you get to have all the fun with none of the responsibility. And even though your hugs were always magnificent, now they're magical.

To the mom who's been promoted to Grandma, but fills the mom role for the grandbabies, doesn't feel like a promotion as much as a second term, does it? But you're the woman for the job, so celebrate how awesome you are.

To the single mom, I hope you get some much deserved rest and celebration today for taking on this joyous, huge responsibility all on your own.

To the godmother (fairy or not), what an honor to be asked to fill this role!  You rock for accepting the honor.

To the foster mom, it can't be easy raising children who come from places of hurt, but you do it anyway. You have such a loving heart and your love will make a difference--remember that whether or not the kids express gratitude today.

To the one who never knew their mom, I hope you find or have found a mother figure. Hugs to you today.

To the one who hasn't spoken to their mom in a long time, I hope you find the grace in your heart to forgive. It will set you free. Both of you.

To the mom who feels invisible, your love and hard work matter so much. What you're doing has a domino effect for the rest of time. You matter so much, and I hope you're recognized and celebrated for that.

To the mom surrounded by her own mom and children today, squeeze them tight and love them with all you have. Cherish the moments of togetherness because they're fleeting.

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