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The Church Needs to Change their Sex Talk to Stop Abortions

The abortion conversation is a big one, it's complicated, and most of all, it calls us to come together with empathy and love. I'm not going to attempt to tackle everything encompassing abortion in this post, but I do want to talk about one way the church can do a better job at being a safe place women in crisis can go. 
Let's talk about sex. 
And the shame surrounding sex. 
I'm going to be transparent here because I know no other way. I was a sexually active teen. I was in a committed relationship with my boyfriend who is now my husband. And overall, we were treated terribly by the church in this area. Honestly, if I had truly loved myself as I do now, I would have walked away from that church. But I stayed because I wanted to live in the truth that there's no shame in Christ. Even though people shamed me, I knew the God who loved me unconditionally did not. But it's so easy for me to understand why teens leave the church and never look back. Abortion was neve…

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