Friday, March 30, 2018

I'm Not an Instagram-Worthy Mom or Wife

I'm not an instagram-worthy mom or wife.

In this picture, I'm wearing the same comfy shirt I've worn to bed all week, no bra, and my hair is a mess because I slept on it wet. My kitchen is a disaster because I blinked. And the filter is called My-Tiny-Apartment-Kitchen-Has-Florescent-Lights-That-Flicker.

I stopped trying to venture out into the winter wonderland halfway through winter because I just can't be cold anymore. I missed taking my son sledding again, which makes me feel pretty crummy. I'm holding my breath for spring and just shaved my legs for the first time in like two months. And to be honest, I only did it because I could feel the breeze move through my hair as I walked.

My carpet has a squished strawberry in it that's so old it's practically part of the family. Because if I choose to spend my child's short independent play time cleaning up weird food squished in my carpet, there go the dishes again, and I can't breathe. Sigh. My home will never be an instagram-worthy home.

I have days where I don't make sure my tank is full, so I sputter along on fumes and lash out at my family. Instead of getting "the best of me," they get "what's left of me."

But THANK YOU GOD, I don't have to be instagram-worthy. My worth doesn't depend on how I look, how my home looks, on my bad days, my good days, the ways I don't measure up, or even the ways I excel. My worth comes from only one thing: that Jesus loved me so much, He died for me and rose again. Jesus lives and has given me an abundant life! His grace covers everything, and if He walked into my home, He'd look around and say, "Hi, love. What squished strawberry?"

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