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Breastfeeding Advice from Moms Like You

I love breastfeeding so much, I'm excited to kick off World Breastfeeding Week 2017 (August 1-7) by offering a partnered giveaway with other crunchy mommy bloggers! I also asked regular super moms like YOU for their best breastfeeding advice for first-time breastfeeders. Check out these nuggets of breastfeeding wisdom from real moms who have struggled, persevered, overcome, breastfed, and know what they're talking about. And be sure to enter the giveaway! [THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED.]

"My biggest advice is to find and build a support system before baby is born. A good breastfeeding support group like La Leche League can work wonders when troubles arise." - Courtney

"Nothing in life comes easy, but in the end it's worth it. The same goes with breastfeeding. It's a journey of ups and downs. It creates strong bonds and gives your baby whatever they need. There's times where you'll love it and other times, you may hate it. That's perfectly okay. Ride it out, the first three weeks are the hardest. This is a journey you'll never ever regret or forget." - Jasmine

"I would probably tell new moms to be careful who they listen to. Double check the advice given to you with an evidence-based source. So much bad advice is given. La Leche League is a great resource." - Caitlin

"First of all, breastfeed without fear. When it's 3am and you're up again nursing your baby, remember it goes so fast, cherish those moments. When you're in the middle of a nursing session, put your phone down, enjoy the moment. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. Breastfeeding is so hard, but it's the most amazing bond I've ever shared with anyone. Don't give up, ask for help if you are struggling, it takes a village.. seriously! And lastly, it's going to be hard at first, but I promise it's all worth it. 💚 #breastfeedwithoutfear Oh and, trust your body!!" - Cheyenne

"2 weeks. Give it 2 weeks. It will get easier! You can do this! Take a breastfeeding class before your baby arrives, you will not regret it!" - Jaime

"Don't listen to your doctor when you're told to supplement or stop breastfeeding due to 'insufficient' weight gain. Seek the support of breastfeeding experts instead (because doctors aren't). Like le leche league.
Also, don't get discouraged if you feel you aren't producing enough. Odds are, you are! Seek the help of an expert." - Syn

"Best advice is take a babymoon and enjoy those oxytocin vibes. Snuggle up with that baby for the first few weeks to a month. Lots of skin to skin. Keep baby at breast as much as you can. Their suckling will help your body with a good supply. Feed on demand and use earth mama nipple butter after every single feed for the first while until your nipples get used to the feedings. Drink lots of water and enjoy every minute of this amazingly beautiful bond with your baby. Remember the days are long but the years are short and with breastfeeding your sweet little nursling you're giving them the very best in life. ✨💛 Trust your body. You got this, mamas." - Kelly

"Enjoy every minute.  I am still nursing at 31 months and it was my very first time bf.  My older 2 (16,14 years old) I didn't bf. I didn't realize the importance and bond that bf is and creates.
So I set goals for 6 months, then a year, then I was like when he's ready we will be done so here we are.  He nurses now about 3 times a day and I know he could self wean anytime so I'm preparing myself for that with this being our last child.  The advice I would give that was given to me by my nurse on L&D and I have never had a problem at all was to go bra-less as much as possible especially when you are leaking a lot air helps prevent yeast they said, also wear loose bras don't wear them tight. Also I nursed on demand and sometimes in the beginning it was hard, but it quickly became easier the older he got. Lots of times I slept without a shirt on just to make sure they had enough air so I am very grateful that my nurse told me these things.  Also I always used my sons organic soap to wash his bottles 😉 with because it was so gentle, non drying  and then he would have the smell of his baby wash when he nursed. And last thing is I was very careful about the deodorant I used.  Only organic. So I hope that helps someone enjoy this special time as a mom! ❤️" - Carol

"Something my doctor at the hospital said-

"The beginning is the hardest part. He said, 'Breastfeed for 2 weeks. If you still feel like quitting, then quit. Most moms who WANT to breastfeed will make it to their goal as long as they make it to two weeks.'" - Ali

"Despite what they say the first week does hurt. Baby and mom are figuring it out together. But the bond is incredible." - Aubrey

"Don't give yourself the option to fail." - Misty

"Do not let ANY doctor tell you to
supplement. Immediately ask for a lactation consultant (my hospital had it free and they came and visited a few times)." - Caitlin

"Check for lip and tongue ties.
Remember that their stomachs don't hold much so frequent and small amounts are what they need." - Manda

"Breast feeding doesn't come natural to everyone. It can be difficult when 'it's all on you.' It can and usually does hurt for a bit until you fiqure it out, together. Nursing strikes are real, sometimes babies cry for other reasons then hunger, if baby is growing and wetting diapers you are making enough. Rest. The dishes will get done, the bed will get made, the laundry will get washed...eventually. Breath, rest and feed your baby. It will all be done before you know it. The bond is incredible and when it's over you WILL miss it and you will be so thankfully you did it, for your baby and for yourself." - Stacy

"Only 1 in 10 000 women physically can't produce enough milk for their baby. Babies cry. It doesn't necessarily mean you don't have enough milk. And if you do supplement, you can go back to full time breastfeeding later. Anything is possible if it's what you truly want." - Lana

"Education and support are two of the most important things that make breastfeeding successful." - Diana

"Don't be afraid to supplement if you feel you need to, for whatever reason, if I hadn't I wouldn't be as present of a mom. Ppd can creep in quickly.when you are struggling to breastfeed, don't be afraid to reach out for help even if it means you have to give formula to get that help." - Kayla

"Don't watch the clock! Feed on demand. Your letdown may feel like pins & needles. Cabbage leaves are great for engorgement but don't use more than once. Be prepared for a letdown and a puddle at your feet. ;)" - Rhiannon

"You can NEVER drink too much water! One thing I learned super fast was to have a water bottle in my hand at ALL TIMES everywhere! Also, never forget your leak pads! You think you won't need them, but you will!!" - Natasha

"Breastfeeding is hard! It may be natural but that does not mean it comes easily! By the time I had my fourth I had breastfed a combined total of 3 years and 1 month and I still had problems in the beginning with my 4th. Like to the point of tears. Stay determined and you will get there!" - Kati

"As a FTM I had this idealized vision of what BF would be like. I wish the following was shared:
1- Nipple Cream is essential and also have nipple shields on hand - your nipples are going from virtually untouched to being latched on/sucked on multiple times a day/night
2 - You will be feeding your LO around the clock - so in a 24hr day, you can expect to be feeding roughly every 2hrs in a day/night.
3- Invest in a good breast pump. My first was terrible - I splurged and got the Medela Freestyle with the handsfree pumping bra - life changing.
4- Invest in slow flow bottles with nipples made for BF babies - have your partner do at least one feeding a day for you so you get a break. Do pace feeding so baby doesn't get flow confusion.
5- Drink tons of water daily and eat a snack every time you pump: A granola bar, a piece of fruit, trail mix, sliced veggies etc - any snack works to keep you from feeling drained.
6- Freeze at least 5/6 bags of breast milk for future use in baby's first year (in case you are no longer breastfeeding) for that first fever, bad cold, etc.
7- Prepare yourself mentally: BF is challenging, especially in the first 4-6weeks until you and baby find your rhythm.
8- Take good care of yourself. Happy, healthy babies have healthy moms." - Jill

"Even if you feel like you have the energy or desire to leave the house, sequester yourself for about 2 weeks at home and focus on learning to BF. Leaving home makes BF difficult. Your baby may sleep the whole time, causing you engorgement problems, and nursing in public is awkward during those first days of learning for both mom and baby!

"Have a head of cabbage in your fridge! Put a leaf in your bra to reduce engorgement if you find yourself suffering from melon size-and-hardness boobs." - Sarah

"Make an appointment with a lactation consultant if you're having trouble, reach out! You're not failing anyone (including yourself) by asking for help. This is new. You just gave birth, it's ok to ask for help!

"Definitely find a fairly large water bottle you love's going to be your best friend. 😊
Also, healthy snacks on your side table by your cozy La-Z-boy chair. Put your feet up, try to enjoy the sitting around. (Once the kids get to being mobile, they never stop lol.)

"I wished I would have known about this gadget when he's eating on one side and I'm leaking precious (gold) milk on the other. Milk catcher. Also good for hand pumping when your milk let down is too hard for baby. Or when he just wants 'the good stuff' and not the thirsty milk. (Thirsty milk comes before the hind milk...not sure of a better way to put it.)" - Jessica

"If you are struggling, there is help! The percentage of women who actually *CAN'T* breastfeed is extremely low. If there is a problem, there is help. Talk with someone at a local La Leche League (there is one near you, I promise). Talk to an IBCLC not just a 'lactation consultant.'

"Also, lip ties and tounge ties are a real thing that can cause real problems. If you have a painful latch, seek help please! Its not meant to hurt!

"Breastfeeding is never something to feel shameful about, regardless of what others say. Know your rights! It is your right to feed your baby, covered, uncovered, standing on your head, whatever makes you and baby happy! Breastfeeding women are specifically exempt from being charged with any sort of indecent exposure etc. in all of the U.S. (Unless you live in Idaho...come on Idaho, get it together!) And there are only 2 other states that don't specifically have laws that protect public breastfeeding. Basically, feed your baby and don't worry about who you may offend! ❤❤" - Becca

"Dont fear what others think or the looks you may get while out in public. Know your rights. Block everything out an imagine it's just you and your baby." - Tameka

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  1. Very nice collection of advice. My saving grace with my last (the only one I got to exclusively breastfeed) was blue Gatorade.

  2. Breastfeeding moms are real superheroes to me! I tried it with my son, but with his PRS, it was something we unfortunately had to give up :(. Great advice in here though, wonderful job with this post ❤️

    1. I'm sorry you and your son went through that. So great that you tried, momma! ❤ Thank you.

  3. next baby due in sept, going to try a bit of a different method with getting my newborn to nurse this time, saw some interesting info on natural breastfeeding for newborns and can't wait to see how it works for us

    1. Hoping all the best for you and your new little one!

  4. This is all great advice! For me the biggest difference between failing with my first and succeeding (8 months going strong) with my second is the amazing support system I have! Between daddy and 2 of my best friends who are also currently nursing it made everything so much easier! My best advice is to find support! Wether it's friends who are currently nursing, have nursed and know what you are going through, new friends you meet through a support group. Find anyone who is willing to support you and tune out the negativity!!

    1. Yes, I love this! Great advice. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Loved this post so much!! I can relate to pretty much everything above. Still nursing my 11 month old, and so thankful I have been able to do so ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Nicole Bradley here, baby boy #3 on the way& this time we plan on ebf, all advice helps, thanks!

  7. Great advice!!! Nursing baby #6 and I think this post is so encouraging!

  8. I wish I had had more support when I started breastfeeding my first. Now that I know what I'm doing, I really enjoy bonding with my baby during nursing.

  9. Finally had enough supply with my 3rd!

  10. What a wonderful collection of advice from breastfeeding moms of all walks! <3 Love it!

  11. It's always nice to read advice from fellow moms, than being force fed unsolicited advice!

  12. I wished I would have known all this information when I nursed my kids..would have saved me a lot.

  13. This advice is like gold!! I wish I would have had it when I first starting nursing! Thank you so much for the encouragement!