Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Exclusively Breastfed Baby is Starting Solids Soon (And I'm Emotional)

My Baby Cakes will start eating solids in less than one week. He's almost six-months-old and SUPER interested in food. It doesn't matter if there's a circus performing in front of a wall of fire while the entire Disney cast sings fun songs...if my husband, Gary, or I bust out food, that's the only thing Baby Cakes will look at.

All we're waiting for is the "okay" from our son's pediatrician two days after he turns six months old.

And I'm over here, a jumble of emotions, like:

So many emotions!

His entire life so far, his nutrients have been from me. It has been my body that's supported his health and growth (the chubby rolls!). And soon I'll only be a part of that. Of course, I'm incredibly excited to see him grow and become more independent. It'll be so cool to watch Baby Cakes explore food flavors and textures, to watch him go at his own pace with baby led weaning. But at the same time...

Well, let's just say I was secretly one happy momma that my baby wouldn't drink from a bottle. I pumped in the beginning so my husband could be a part of caring for Baby Cakes this way (and help so I could nap). When my husband couldn't get him to take the bottle, I was actually pretty happy that feeding would just be our thing.

And now we have less than a week of that time left. Introducing solids is by no means the end of breastfeeding. (Breastmilk first, solids after.) But it's a start. Gah!

My boy is growing so fast.

I'm happy and excited above all, but I might need to shed a tear too, and that's okay.

Have you introduced solids yet? What were your feelings? Comment below and then hop over to my little nursing necklace giveaway!

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